Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Halloween was fun for the kiddos this year! Leilani was Strawberry Shortcake, well ... because she looks like Strawberry Shortcake of course! Orion was a farmer since he refused to wear a big puffy costume with a hat or hood. Trick or treating was fun, we went with all the neighbor kids. Leilani adores the big kids on our little "park" block. She actually held out for quite a while. This year Leilani traded in all but 5 pieces of candy for a talking Dora doll. (Mommy regrets that choice... but Leilani LOVES it).

Leilani met Rainbow FOR THE FIRST TIME!! Mom was at the Lifetime Fitness Halloween Carnival doing balloon animals... so Leilani got to meet her. She loves that Grandma's a clown. She saw this picture and said "Look! A rainbow!" how cute is she?!

Leilani's first pony ride! The Good Earth Day School (where the kids get to go Tues and Thurs) had a fantastic Fall Festival the same day as the Lifetime Carnival (busy weekend!). We had LOTS of fun! Pony ride, hayride, games, and FUN!


Melissa said...

Sara, your mom is awesome! I love that she is a clown.

Mia's Mama said...

LOVE Rainbow! She brings me back to the days when I was a's hard but FUN work! She's so delightful!
Looks like your weekend was as busy as ours.
Mia just saw the shot of Leilani on the she wants a pony...or at least a pony ride :)