Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh boy!

Not even for a moment would I consider Orion to be a girl. He has no desire to sit in one spot and play quietly, or use small motor skills for anything else but eating. Yesterday we went to play out front and the big kids were outside, Orion was in Heaven! Our next door neighbors Cooper and Chance are "big boys" with "big boy toys". He followed them everywhere and wanted to do exactly what they were doing. Now that he's walking he thinks he's a big guy, slow down little man... you're not even ONE yet! He loves saying "ball" and chases after any ball of any shape or size, can kick a ball while walking and throws fairly well. The boys on our block are collectors of all things wheels... skateboards, scooters, bikes, mini 4-wheelers, you name it they own it. Orion is coming to the undstanding that to be a big boy you have to have wheels. So, here he is on Chance's skateboard... I am in TROUBLE! Looks like we will be out front with the "big boys" more often... sigh... he's growing up sooo fast!

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