Tuesday, June 24, 2008

oh poop!

We had such a lovely time at mama Allison's house this morning with the o'mamas. Leilani even got hot enough to take a dip in the baby pool fully clothed, shoes and all. :) She fell asleep before we even left the neighborhood. Orion however was enjoying the fact that he took a 15 minute power nap at Allison's and was wide awake before we ever left. After we got home, I took Leilani up to her room (dressed her) and put her to bed while Orion was still in the car. I came down to the car and heard Porkchop sobbing away and when I opened the door.... Poop! Everywhere! Major explosion! Poop in his hair, poop on his arms and legs, face, AND LIPS yuck! Yes, he was still strapped into his car seat, yikes! I was too grossed out to take a photo. I don't know HOW on earth he got poop all over, but he managed it. I took him straight from the car to the bathtub, do not pass go, into the tub!! With all the commotion Bugaboo decided to forgo her nap to see what was goin' on. SO here we are... clean baby... fast asleep (thank goodness), and a cranky, tired toddler, but at least she's clean. :)


Mia's Mama said...

ugh...that's disgusting...I've been there. Mia hasn't done that since she was a wee one. She was also in her carseat. The poop had no where to go but UP!

C-man and Mama said...

ack...a poo-splosion is what we called those and they are NO fun!