Saturday, June 7, 2008

Our very own BLOG!

FINALLY Leilani and Orion have their own tiny piece of the internet. This has been two years in the making, partially because I am too busy and too lazy to keep up with a blog for them. However I have been inspired by my newest O'mama friends and their wonderous blogs to start an internet diary of their lives. Hopefully I can keep up with this blog, and take more photos to capture their fleeting childhood. Man, its gone by too fast already!

In case you were wondering, Bugaboo was given to Leilani sometime in the begining by her Daddy and Porkchop, well... Auntie Stephanie gave Orion that name on the day of his birth. He weighed in a bit over 9 pounds, so porkchop it was! Welcome to our lives!

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Mia's Mama said...

awwwwwwwww can't wait to read all about your sweet Bugaboo and delicious little porkchop!