Saturday, June 28, 2008

Welcome home Grandpa!

stock image, Wikipedia, Wrangell AK

Grandpa came home today! Hooray! He's been in Alaska with Great Grandpa for over a week. Leilani was so excited to see him, she always misses G-pa when he leaves. We met G-ma and G-pa at "Chuy's House" for dinner. Leilani is convinced that it's called "Chuy's House, not Chuy's" she fight ya over it. This is the second time we've had Chuy's this week, ugh I feel like a giant tortilla chip drenched in creamy jalapeno. Please no more Chuy's for a while! My dad had a great time in Alaska for his family reunion in Wrangell. We'd love to take the kids to Alaska someday! He even brought back t-shirts for the big people (and kid) and a book for Orion. I still feel like a kid when my dad brings stuff back from his trips for us, I love it. So, thanks for the t-shirts Dad, and thanks for dinner at Chuy's House, we loved it!! Welcome home!

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