Sunday, July 6, 2008

Say Cheese!

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Today we had the beautiful and uber-talented Bonnie Berry take our extended family photos. Russell's entire fam lives here and we get together every Sunday for dinner. So we needed shots of the entire family, now that we have what will probably be our last baby in the family and Russell's parents are not getting any younger. My inlaws have a great house, but terrible lighting for photos, but I am sure Bonnie got some great shots regardless of the light. Leilani took a while to warm up since she is a bit camera shy, but she did fairly well all considering.
When we got home, Russ took her clothes off to get ready for bath. She jumped up onto the couch in her diaper, bent over, head on the couch... butt in the air (facing me of course) and yells out "MOMMY! TAKE MY PICTURE!" Where is my camera when I really need it?! That gave us a good laugh!
I have no pictures from this holiday weekend to share... I might get some from family.. I'll add later!

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