Saturday, July 26, 2008

We are fam-i-ly... I've got all my cousins with me!!!

Maybe not all her cousins, but our trip rocked for Leilani because she got to play with her oldest cousin Isabella for a WEEK! Our family spent a week in Snowmass, Colorado with Russell's parents, his brother's and one of his nieces. It was gorgeous!! We did a lot of sightseeing, lots of mountains and trees, and hung out with the fam! Leilani doesn't get to spend much time with her cousins on her daddy's side, even though they only live in the Arboretum. We see them maybe once a week (when the inlaws are in town) and only for a couple hours. So it was wonderful for our kiddos to have some bonding time with their cousin Isabella (5 and 1/2 years old), their uncles and their Abuela and Grandpa Jim. I know that Leilani and Isabella's relationship will be forever changed by this vacation, that's a great thing! Their other cousin Amelia (almost 2) stayed home with her mama this trip. Orion had a good time trying to keep everybody on their toes.. eating anything related to electricity he could find, plugs, outlets, cameras, laptops, cell phones, whatever. Lets just say a 1962 ski chalet is not built to be baby proofed. The altitude made him sleepy, but he had a great time watching the girls. :) Here's some photos of the kiddos...
At the Aspen playground.. wheeee!!
Wearing Daddy's hat, on the bus to The Maroon Bells

Gettin' some love from Papa, top of Mt. Aspen
Isabella and Leilani in the wildflowers

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