Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Playdates galore!

We have had two wonderful playdates already this week with our lovely O'mama ladies and kiddos. The first was at Andrea's house, "float your boat" was the theme de jour. It was so laid back, it was wonderful! Even though Leilani did not get in the water, she had a great time drinking the floats Andrea made (sparkling water and sorbet, yummy). Orion was spending his morning eating grass and playing with little baby Mia's toys, delightful! ALL of the pics were taken by the beautiful mama Tanya, Thank you Tanya!
The second was The "Pollack Art Playdate". The kids (and moms...) splatter painted a huge canvas, it was awesome! What a great idea! Leilani even got into it. I love this photo that Tanya took of Leilani's friend Z's back. Who is the canvas??

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Mia's Mama said...

It's been so great seeing so much of you guys this week :) I LOVE that you used my pics! So very cool :)